Online Business Success Tip – What’s Your Vision For Your Business in 2010?

We all start our online businesses with a vision of what we want them to be. Whether we’re looking to make a full-time income or just to supplement what we already have, we all want certain things out of our business.It’s good to sit down at the beginning of the year and see where our business is at. Are you where you want to be with your business? Is it lining up to your goals and visions? Or are you stuck in your business?And more importantly, if you’re not where you want to be in your business, why not? Is it some external force that is keeping you from achieving your goals? Or is it due to something that you have or have not done?Be honest with yourself when looking at your business. Don’t sugarcoat the results you’re seeing just to make yourself feel better. I had to take a long hard look at where my online business was and where it was heading myself, and the results were not so encouraging.Heading into the new year, I had more or less become completely disgusted with where I was at. I’ve had some success online, but nowhere near where I wanted to be. And I wish that I could say that the reasons for my limited amount of success are due to an outside force that was impeding me from my dreams.This was simply not the case.I was at this point in my business due to my lack of planning and motivation. There was no one else to blame, no effects of the “slow economy”, no economic downturn effects, no lack of consumer confidence, just my own fault.Now, I know that many of you are probably in the same boat as I am. You’re feeling like your a complete failure at this point. Everything you’ve “tried” has failed and you’re left with nothing more in you pockets than some lint and a movie ticket stub.And you’re ready to give up.I’m begging you not to.I’m pleading with you to step back one more time into this world of online marketing and dare to dream yet again. You really can have the success you’ve heard everyone else talk about. But you’ve got to go out and get it.No one is going to hand it to you, no matter what you may have been told before. There is a direct relationship between your success and the amount of time and energy you put into your business. And if you haven’t put a lot of time and work in, I’m sure you’re already aware of the level of success you’ve attained.But, this year is going to be different. This year you’re going to take action to achieve your goals. This is the year you’re going to achieve more and do more than you ever thought possible. You’re going to become a master of time management and productivity and you’re going to absolutely kick serious butt this year in your online business.So let’s get started. First, get all your doubts and fears out of your head. Even that fear of success that you may have. Kiss them all goodbye.Now, quit kicking yourself in the butt for what you haven’t done in the past. In the great words of Rafiki, “It doesn’t matter, it’s in the past!” (thank you, Lion King). What you’ve done or not done to this point doesn’t matter one bit. So quit worrying about it. Start concentrating on what you are going to do this year and then…DO IT!Stop waiting on someone to hand it to you. Take MASSIVE action starting today to work toward your goals. Not tomorrow – TODAY!Get your life organized. Buy a planner. If you’re blogging (and you should be), sign up at BlogEnergizer and get fresh topic ideas sent to you each month that you can apply in your business.Start making a to-do list each day. Don’t leave anything behind, leave no task undone. If you can’t get to them all in one day, fine. Move them to the next day. But don’t leave them behind. Every action you take, even the small ones, is another step on the road to success for you.Make no wasted action. When you’re working, work. Turn off all your distractions. Shut down your email, Twitter and Facebook for a few hours. I promise, they’ll be right there when you return. And if they’re not, you really didn’t need them anyway.Now, are you ready? Ready to jump? It’s scary, I know. I’m scared to death. But with the few actions I’ve taken already this year, traffic to my site is up over 120% just one week into the year. I’ve had more articles published at EzineArticles in the last 2 days than I have in the last 2 years.Take massive action. You’ll soon see massive results.